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Betting on sports is becoming increasingly popular. Not only in the Netherlands is increasingly shown interest in sports betting, also in the rest of Europe is increasingly betting on sports. Until a few years back was 'sports betting' a phenomenon which is really only in England was seriously practiced. Especially betting on football in England for many years widely practiced. If the Netherlands has already been bet on sports, it was only through the Toto Cup. The home team wins or Away Team is a tie.

The Sports Betting Lingo

Unibet bonus betting review: If you are ever fortunate to visit a racecourse then you will be in for quite a shock when you hear the bookmakers barking out all sorts of babble. It really is a different language and one understood by very few. It’s not just the racetrack where people seem to use their own language. The sports betting world has its very own dictionary. Here are a few of the most common phrases that you will have to get used to if you are to start making sports betting a serious hobby.


A parlay is the American name given to a single wager that involves multiple propositions. The bettor much choose the winning outcome in each proposition for the bet to be a winner. Your odds will increase when you add more bets to your Parlay. In other parts of the world these bets are known as doubles or trebles when betting on two or three propositions.


This is a wager based on the total points scored in an event. For example, in a football game between Rangers and Celtic you can bet that there will be more than 2.5 goals or less than 2.5 goals. What do you mean .5 goals we hear you cry? The introduction of the .5 means there will always be a winner.

Point Spread

This is a bet made in games where there are high scores such as Rugby, American Football or Basketball. The Bookmakers will give odds on teams winning by a certain margin and this is known as the point spread.

Money Line

This is an American term for a straight or flat bet. You are betting that a team will win or lose. The simplest of bets.