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Miss St Vs Alabama betting preview

The match between the Mississippi State’s Bulldogs and the Alabama’s Crimson Tide is on the way this Saturday. According to the betting reviews, when it comes to sports betting in Mississippi, the Mississippi may be a strong team and may have won a series of matches in the previous seasons as well as in this season but still Alabama is the bettors favourite and it has got a 6.5 point favourite over the Bulldogs.  This is known to be a 64th game where the Crimson Tides are bettors’ favourite. This streak goes back to the 2009 SEC championship. Even in the last two meetings, the Crimson Tides were favoured by more than 22 points which was yet another achievement for them. Another thing that the bettors are probably taking care of is that the Crimson Tides haven’t lost a single match against the Mississippi team since the 2007 football season.

Another thing to note is that the Bulldogs have only won twice in the past 50 years in the Bryant Denny stadium hence this factor is also of vital importance for the bettors. Although Mississippi team has stayed on the no.1 place consecutively for the third time in this year’s football season yet its position has slipped down to no.2 as far as the match in the Tuscaloosa is concerned. According to the betting previews, the Alabama’s Crimson Tides has stayed in the top four places but in the match between these two teams that is yet to take place, the Alabama has gained the seven point favourite over Mississippi. It seems that the bettors are quite sure about the results of this match as they are placing all their chips down for this special showdown between these two unbeaten teams.

This match shall definitely be a testing time and proving time for Mississippi’s Dak Prescott. Dak Prescott has lead the team to many victories and people are yet to see if he can lead the team to win against the Crimson Tide. He could be a difference maker for the Bulldogs. Even Avello said that this match shall prove if Prescott is really one of the Heisman Trophy Candidate. Mississippi has offensively improved in this season and has given a great performance but the Alabama’s defence has also grown better and stronger.

With a 7 point home favourite, Alabama do have an easy chance to defeat the Bulldogs but the performance in this season also shows that they can try keeping the game within a touchdown.